"Alyssa started teaching my daughter to swim almost as soon as she could walk.  While keeping the lessons fun and exciting there is always focus on proper swimming techniques.  Kids just love Alyssa.  Anytime my daughter's friends have joined her for a lesson, they always ask for Alyssa again when they come back for a visit.  As well as fun, Alyssa is extremely professional.  She arrives prepared, is never late and never misses a lesson.  My daughter loves to swim and is confident in the water.  And I can relax knowing she swims well and has learned water safety too.  Thanks Alyssa!!"

--Jo-Ann Obergfell

"Alyssa, I can't thank you enough for giving my children a love of the water this past summer. My son William wouldn't even put his head in the water when you started with him and after just a few weeks, he was diving in the deep end! The transformation was unbelievable.  You do a terrific job of making swimming fun and alleviating any fear. My daughter can't wait to learn to swim with you next summer! Thank you again!"

--Jennie Wallace


"Alyssa worked with my 3 children for the last few summers and has successfully taught each of them how to swim! She taught the oldest child backstroke and butterfly, the middle one how to swim all 4 strokes and she took the youngest from a baby afraid of the water to a child who understands water safety.  She is warm and welcoming and my kids love her! She is always on time, and comes prepared for all kinds of weather and varying moods!  Most importantly, Alyssa gets results.  My kids know how to swim and that gives us peace of mind.  She is a talented teacher and we feel lucky to have found her."

--Kelley and Chris Davis


"My 4 year old daughter had a great experience swimming with Alyssa last summer.  She gained much needed confidence in the water.  By the end of the year she was swimming with safety and pride!"

--Jeanine Nugent


"Alyssa did a fantastic job teaching my girls to swim!  She was patient and fun while also being firm.  My youngest daughter had a fear of jumping in the water and Alyssa worked her through that fear step by step!  After a few lessons there was a major difference in their swimming skills and both me and my children felt much more confident around the water!  Thanks Alyssa!"

--Liz Scully


"I am so happy that I was able to have Alyssa give another summer of swim instruction to my two boys.  Last summer my children learned so much from Alyssa, and I was so comfortable and assured with her ability and method of instruction.  My now five year old didn't know how to swim and was swimming after 3 half hour lessons.  My now eight year old could only dog-paddle and learned the crawl, the backstroke, and how to dive.  We look forward to another great summer with Alyssa!"

--Kim Stengel


"Alyssa is a wonderful teacher. Until last summer, my daughter refused to put her face in the water.  After just a few lessons with Alyssa, she was swimming underwater.  Both my children learned so much in their lessons. Alyssa always pushed them just the right amount: enough to motivate them to keep learning, but not so much that they got overwhelmed. They can't wait to be back in the pool with Alyssa again!"

--Hilary Harris


"Alyssa teaches me at just the right level. She has exercises that are not too easy but not so hard that I get too tired. She is a really fun teacher!"

--Sam (10 years old)


"Alyssa makes swimming look easy. It's really fun when she gives you lessons."

--Daisy (7 years old)


"Alyssa started giving my kids swimming lessons when they were only 9 months old, and from the minute she got in the pool with them I could tell they felt so comfortable with her.  While they were quite young at the time, she was able to do some activities with them that focused on the basic fundamentals of swimming like blowing bubbles and getting comfortable being on their backs and learning to float.  My husband and I also were able to learn a lot from the lessons with regards to how to start getting our kids to become comfortable in the water, and be safe as well.  She brought fun and cute toys for them to play with and at the end of the summer, gave us certificates for the kids and key chains with pictures of them in the pool.  We look forward to doing more lessons with Alyssa this summer, and so do our kids!"

--Alyson Tauber


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