About our Team

At Alyssa's Aquatics, our mission is to teach swimming in an enthusiastic and relaxing atmosphere, while still emphasizing the crucial importance of water safety.  All of our lesson plans are specially tailored with each individual students' needs in mind, allowing students to experience significant improvements with each and every lesson as they push towards their own personal goals. To ensure the best lessons on Eastern Long Island, our instructors have been hand-picked from the most qualified swim instructors in the country.

ALL Alyssa's Aquatics Swim Instructors are:

  • American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors
  • Cross trained through a variety of different Swim Instruction Theories  (Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, Infant Swimming Resource, YMCA Swim Instruction, etc.)
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • First Aid Certified
  • Insured
  • Experienced in working with children of all ages and skill levels
  • Water enthusiasts outside of work
  • Positive, patient, friendly, responsible, and FUN!

    Alyssa's Aquatics Swim Instructors are able to custom tailor lessons to meet any special needs.  Please let us know any additional requirements or goals you may have at the time of scheduling so we can be sure to pair you with the best suited instructor.


Jenna's happy place is in the water.  Born and raised locally on the east end of Long Island, Jenna was swimming by the time she was 2, snorkeling and knee boarding at 5, SCUBA certified by 12, competing in state level swimming competitions at 13, and competing in national level synchronized swim meets by 14. This passion continued throughout college as well, where she was a member of the women's water polo team.  Jenna now competes as a master synchronized swimmer, where her team won the gold medal at the 2016 National competition!  You could not, and still cannot, drag Jenna out of the water!

Jenna has a true calling for teaching, which began when she was in 1st grade, teaching to an empty row of chairs in her grandparent's garage, also known as "Miss Jenna's Class".  In 2004, she took her love for teaching and combined it with her love for the water and received her American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certification.  Since then, she has helped hundreds of students of all ages and abilities from the east & west learn to swim.  Her students are not only water safe, but they improve their stroke technique, and now share her love for the water.

Jenna attended James Madison University, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education.  She then moved out to San Diego and received her Master of Arts degree in Special Education with a specialization in Autism and Behavior.  She has been a classroom teacher for 10 years, working with preschool through high school age students.  Her passion for educating others does not stop at the classroom.  In 2015, Jenna became a Live! Fitness instructor, allowing us to offer fun, new Water Aerobics & Fitness classes for adults.

The real question is...when is Jenna NOT in the water? During the winter months, Jenna spends her days as a professional mermaid in Florida! When she's not in the water, you might see her enjoying time with her furry kiddos (2 cats), painting, traveling the world, helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, or even auditioning to be on the next Survivor

Jenna's love for the water, extensive experience, and passion for creating a positive, nurturing, and most importantly- FUN environment for all of her students' unique needs make her a true asset to the Alyssa's Aquatics team! We could not be more thrilled to have her with us again this summer!


Molly has been swimming since before she could even walk! Born and raised in New Jersey, she has spent time every summer, since 1996, at the East Hampton beaches swimming with her cousins. Molly grew up competing on her local town swim team during the summer. This passion continued throughout college, where she was a member of the James Madison University Women’s Water Polo team.

Molly has been a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard since 2012 and has taught swim lessons to children of all ages since 2014. Molly's experience as a swim instructor is diverse, teaching at small private day camps, larger corporate swim clubs, and holding countless private lessons in people’s backyards. Each of these experiences has contributed to Molly’s extensive knowledge about successfully teaching children how to be safe in the water while having fun. She has a solid track record of taking young swimmers just dipping their feet in the water, and transforming them into avid swimmers that parents have to pry out of the pool after lessons.  She believes that having confidence in the water is a critical life skill that anyone can learn!

Molly has always been passionate about working with people and grew up watching her father, a physical therapist, treating patients. She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Stony Brook University, right here in Southampton. Before moving out to Long Island, Molly completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at James Madison University in Virginia. Her background and love for the water makes her especially adept at modifying lessons to accommodate physical disabilities, as well coaching students of all ages looking for the therapeutic benefits of swimming.

When Molly isn’t spending time in the classroom or the PT labs, you can find her running outside with her Chocolate Labrador, cooking house dinners with her roommates, or researching her next travel destination.

We are so thrilled to have Molly join the Alyssa's Aquatics team this summer, and can't wait to bring her expertise and fun loving personality to your backyard for lessons!


Juliet has been a water enthusiast for as long as she can remember, with summer visits to the beach and days at the pool a fond highlight of her youth. Born and raised in Queens, Juliet was swimming before she could walk thanks to parent-child lessons at her local YMCA. While she was just 10 years old, she earned her PADI SCUBA certification. Always a creative child, Juliet was constantly drawing pictures or writing stories about mermaids, though it didn't occur to her that she could have a tail of her own until she was in college! A year and a half into her mermaid career, Juliet is thrilled to be fulfilling a childhood dream she hadn't been bold enough to call a dream as a child. She often marvels at how her 10-year-old self would have reacted to being told that by her early twenties, she would be a professional mermaid!

A longtime soccer player with a deep passion for water, Juliet was delighted to discover and learn how to play water polo while she studied engineering at Carnegie Mellon. Juliet found herself at the pool for water polo practice several times a week – and loved it! During this time, Juliet became a certified lifeguard, and has worked hard to keep pools safe for the past 4 years. In the fall of 2018, Juliet felt called by current events and IPCC reports to devote herself to saving the world’s salt and fresh waters from plastic, chemical, and sound pollution. As a result, she transferred to Queens College to complete her studies with a major in Environmental Science.

Upon moving back home to Queens, Juliet turned her sights towards working at the very YMCA where she had learned how to swim. By the summer of 2016, in addition to lifeguarding, Juliet began teaching the next generation of swimmers. Beyond her private and group swim lessons, Juliet also coaches a team of 25 swimmers on the Flushing Flyers developmental swim team. Juliet has experience working with students of all ages and skill levels, from children and adults experiencing the pool for the first time to refining advanced techniques with the swimmers on the Flyers team. 

Juliet's penchant for storytelling combines wonderfully with her affinity for the water. Juliet is imaginative and always creating unique games and stories to keep her young students engaged and having fun in the pool, while they learn important safety skills. Her keen interest in learning a little bit about everyone's life story allows her to excel at building relationships and rapport with her students. With trust and diligence between teacher and student, Juliet firmly believes that anyone can - and should - learn how to swim! She's incredibly excited for the opportunity to work with Alyssa's Aquatics this summer, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the team!!


Brian has been a lifelong swimmer, with many of his earliest memories involving fun around the pool, lake, or beach. Growing up in Gaithersburg, MD, Brian began swim lessons at three years old. By five years old, he had joined the Quail Valley Marlins swim team, where he swam for the next ten years.  Brian is an excellent sprinter, and while he likes all the strokes, his favorite is butterfly.

In 2012, Brian became a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, and spent the next four summers lifeguarding at local pools and water parks. While working as a lifeguard, Brian got introduced to the world of coaching. In the summer of 2015, he joined the coaching staff of the Whetstone Whales swim team as an assistant coach. After two years as an assistant coach, Brian was promoted to the Head Coach position for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. During his time there, Brian also taught private one on one as well as small group lessons with students of a wide variety of ages and skill sets. He taught basic swim skills, advanced stroke technique, and just about every skill in between. As a college senior, Brian was afforded the opportunity to work with athletes with special needs in the pool, teaching them survival skills and basic stroke technique.

In 2017, Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Coaching Education from West Virginia University. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sport and Coaching Education with an emphasis in Performance Coaching, also at WVU. Brian’s dream is to one day be an NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse Head Coach. In 2016, he was hired as the Head Coach of Boy’s Lacrosse at University High School in Morgantown, WV. Brian coached the 2017 and 2018 state championship teams at UHS and earned the WVSLA coach of the year honor in 2017. Following his playing career at WVU, Brian took over as the Head Coach of the WVU Men’s Lacrosse team in 2018. Throughout the year, Brian simultaneously serves as the Head Coach for both UHS and WVU Men’s Lacrosse.

Brian is truly passionate about coaching and working with students of all ages and skill levels.  He prides himself with being able to approach any student at their level, and breaking down tough skills into smaller, achievable goals. Brian is very enthusiastic and wants to deliver a positive experience to every person he teaches, as demonstrated by his teaching philosophy that focuses on safety, skill improvement, and fun! He believes that swimming is a critical life skill that anybody can and should learn!

Outside of the water, Brian is an avid sports fan, food enthusiast, and loves to spend time outdoors. He loves all sports, but is particularly a fan of lacrosse, football, basketball – and of course, SWIMMING! If he’s not at the pool teaching swim lessons, you can probably find Brian at the beach, playing or watching sports, or trying out the newest restaurant in town. We are excited to have Brian join the Alyssa’s Aquatics team this summer!!


A true daughter of the beach, Gail has been around water her whole life.  Born and raised locally on the east end of Long Island, her family spent nearly every day either at the beach or on the boat.  She learned to water ski at age five, was snorkeling by 12, and was a certified SCUBA diver by the time she was a young adult. Gail is truly passionate about anything in the water, and after over 30 years of teaching, is currently retired in the Florida Keys, spending her days snorkeling and volunteering for REEF – an organization centered on preserving the coral reef ecosystem. 

Always passionate about educating others, she got her first teaching job at 16, where she led the arts program for ages 5-15 at the Quogue Field Club. She became a certified lifeguard shortly thereafter, and switched to working for the Westhampton Beach Summer Recreation program, where she taught Red Cross swimming lessons to local residents.  She held this position through out her college years, and well beyond.

Gail understands the importance of swimming, and placed a high priority on getting both of her daughters comfortable around the water at a very young age.  As a result, she also trained in the Infant Swimming Resource program - and both of her daughters were water safe as babies, and were  even swimming like fish before their second birthdays!  With her continued guidance and support, her daughters both went on to compete on a national level in competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, and even played water polo in college.

Gail attended SUNY Oneonta where she received her Bachelors of Science in Home Economics.  She later went on to receive her Master of Science in Special Education from Long Island’s CW Post University.  After graduating, Gail taught as an ESBOCES teacher for over 30 years, working primarily with middle school and high school students. During her last nine years of teaching, Gail taught the ESBOCES program for Early Childhood Education - where she ran a preschool in addition to her high school classroom. To ensure the certification of her students, Gail became an American Heart Association certified CPR/AED and Pediatric First Aid Instructor. Upon retirement, in June 2013, Gail became a certified professional development specialist for the National Center for Professional Recognition. This enables her to continue working with young adults, who share her passion for becoming a teacher of young children.

Gail’s passion for education, combined with her diverse volunteer and professional teaching experiences with students of all ages and abilities, make her a huge asset to the Alyssa's Aquatics team. We are very lucky to have her consulting throughout the season, and to help cover end of summer lessons as needed.